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Gun-fitting is as much an art as a science. It requires the astute and acute observation of our expert gun fitters here at West London Shooting School with many years of experience. It also requires the guaranteed availability of a suitable try-gun. We have an unrivalled selection of guns to suit every requirement, size and shape. Once correctly fitted, a gun will last for years although occasional checking with regard to changes in eyesight or build is recommended.

Our pattern plates enable us to observe clients’ shooting techniques and then fine-tune gun measurements on a variety of different shots. The gun fitting culminates with a card detailing your own individual measurements for length, bend and cast, which is recognised by all the gun-makers. We are also able to gun fit double rifles and any other shotgun bought off the shelf.

We are justly proud to provide a bespoke gun fitting service for such fine London names as James Purdey, Boss & Co, William Evans, Dickson, Gruella and William & Son amongst several others at home and abroad.

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